Akshara Inductions 

( Only for NIT Tiruchirappalli Telugu students )

​​Team Akshara catalysis the Telugu Language, Literature and culture to the masses across the India. Akshara is a whole package and our club has perfect proportion of work and fun. Being a large team you get know diverse people, develop good networks. The descriptions about the sub teams and clusters of Akshara will give you more insights about the club's work. check it out here!!

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Akshara Content Team:

Akshara content team brings together the most creative and original thinkers on campus. Content writing is the major key for promoting literature. Creativity is the mark of content team and improves your flair for writing and speaking skills in our own mother tongue. If your felt the writing bug in various means such as articles, blogging, podcast writing, video writing, poems, stories and et cetera, Akshara content team is the right place for you. 

Akshara Design Team:

Everything you see and identify about Akshara is the work of this team. Design team is the responsible for every visual treat you see. The posters for every activity, the design of website, ID cards, invites, video editing, audio mixing, banners, comics and brochures are the major works of design team. Professional training will be provided in world class design packages. 

Packages we are using!

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Organizing Committee 

The organizing committee of Akshara is the backbone of the club, that provides the background support necessary to keep the club up and running in an healthy state. Keep administration aware of all the activities of Akshara, receive permissions from admin whenever required. Plan venue, timing, requirements of all the events, Guest lectures, and ensure proper execution. Procurement of requirements and maintaining inventories. 

Sub Clusters of Akshara

If you wish to be a part of any of the sub clusters, you need join one of the sub teams listed above.

Media Relations & Publicity

This sub cluster strive to widen the reach of Akhara by partnering with various media houses throughout the India via strategic media partnerships. Any media publications such as News articles, advertisements, Radio jingles, and social media promotions are handled by this cluster. On the other hand, making collaborations with multiple student clubs, Telugu organizations and social media pages also a major works of this cluster. Also, in charge of maintaining avid online presence of Akhara in all social media platforms. This cluster acts as a bridge between external relationships and Akshara and helps to increasing the reach of the club.


Akshara's success is driven by effective marketing campaign to pull out the maximum reach. This sub cluster plays a vital role in making the club bigger and better each year. This team will communicate and network with companies like Aha OTT platform, Vinex, Lenskart, Madmonkey et cetera by collaborating on various levels to get monetary, or merchandise for Akshara activities. 

Web Designing and Maintenance 

This cluster purpose is to maintain Akshara's website by monitoring the traffic and bugs. Also, it is the team to design various web templates to give an aesthetic look for the website.

Akshara inductions for batch 2020-24 are closed.. stay tuned to akshara for more updates